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Talking about the method of accessing In
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Going abroad is the choice of more and more companies, but when going overseas, they must consider how to implement local transactions. For example, when a game goes overseas, it needs to consider how users recharge game currency, and e-commerce platforms need to consider issues such as order payment.

OVO payment is currently a very widely used payment method in Indonesia, with a large number of user groups. For merchants going overseas in Indonesia, this is a payment method that must be accessed. How to access these foreign payment methods?

There are currently two ways to access OVO, one is to apply for services directly with OVO payment company, and the second is to seek access from a third-party payment company.

At present, requesting services directly from OVO requires local Indonesian corporate qualifications (such as business licenses, tax registration, etc.). For many companies without local resources, the operation is a bit cumbersome. Even if they are approved to execute technical documents, there will be various Obstacles, if the communication is not smooth, the time to form the ability to pay will generally be longer.

The access of third-party payment companies is relatively simple and can be completed in China. One of the biggest advantages of docking with third parties is that third parties often aggregate a large number of payment methods within the platform, not only can access OVO, other payment platforms in Indonesia Can be connected at the same time, saving a lot of costs.

Third-party access can provide merchants with three integration methods (take PayerMax as an example), including integration of Android SDK collection, integration of standard API collection, and integration of PayerMax's built-in cash register. The collection service supports multiple payment methods including electronic wallets, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, online banking, and offline collections. You can consult the PayerMax payment author for the specific operation process. After accessing PayerMax, OVO's front-end payment process is as follows:

OVO pay on PayerMax

1. After the merchant accesses PayerMax, the user enters the payment process after placing an order on the merchant platform, selects OVO payment, enters the payer's OVO ID (mobile phone number), and clicks to enter the next step (CONFIRM TO PAY)


2. To enter the new confirmation interface, the user needs to open his OVO APP (will receive payment information), and the user enters the amount and Pin code in his OVO client to complete the payment.

3. Complete the payment interface.

Aggregate payment has a wide range of applications. It solves the problem that a merchant needs to dock and maintain many payment platforms. It is a one-stop solution to payment problems. It is very practical in Indonesia, where many payment methods coexist. For Indonesian companies going overseas, choosing aggregate payment can also speed up business development and form a closed-loop transaction as soon as possible. If you have more questions about local payments in Indonesia, you can contact PayerMax to pay.